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Set contains:

Conditioning Shampoo   300ml

Renewing Masque   300ml

HairGro®Accelerator   150ml



Wigs & Weaves Hair Care Set

R518,00 Regular Price
R466,00Sale Price
  • Finally a Hair Care Range for all natural hair | Hair Extensions | Wigs

    For healthy and renew hair qualities - A must try - our Bestseller!


    Wigs & Weaves Conditioning Shampoo - is specially made for rootless hair and dry scalp. Organic Tea Tree oil gently cleans and removes dead skin cells from your scalp and promotes the growth of your natural hair beneath the extensions. Our unique Cuticle Preserv® formula and hydrolysed quinoa rejuvenate and protect hair cuticles – improving hair elasticity and natural shine. It’s greatest benefit is that it can be used for both extensions and for natural hair, with ingredients such as Argan oil which moisturises and nourishes, whilst Neroli oil tames frizz leaving healthy incredibly soft, silky and tangle free hair. When used regularly, it will extend the lifespan of your extensions.


    Wigs & Weaves All-Natural Renewing Masque - is specially formulated for rootless hair and malnourished hair. Our unique rich blend of essential oils and nourishing ingredients will restore natural hair properties. With our unique Cuticle Preserv® formula your hair will be rejuvenated, strengthened and protected against heat and UV rays. Shea Butter and Avocado oil deeply moisturise and smooth the cuticle layer – adding brilliant shine.


    Hair Gro® Accelerator, our intensive hair growth tonic with a blend of botanical extracts and proteins, formulated for woman to fight hair loss caused by chemicals, stress, hormone imbalance, poor diet and medication. It stimulates hair growth from the roots, improves microcirculation, regulating sebum secretion as well as having antibacterial and anti-fungal components.


    • Stimulating Hair Growth at the Root
    • Reducing Hair Thinning & Breakage
    • Improving Microcirculation
    • Fully Restores the Vitality of the Hair
    • Prolonging the Life Cycle of Your Hair
    • Regulating Sebum Secretion Managing and Reducing Dandruff
    • Fuller and Thicker Hair in just 3 Months
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